What we do

We work with companies worldwide to identify and target their growth potential

We work with companies worldwide to identify and target their growth potential, shape strategies and deliver greater value to their customers.

We are renowned for functional expertise and industry knowledge and we bring our clients the key insights necessary for achieving and develop lasting competitive advantage and profitable growth.

We provide market analytics, financial modelling and customer insight. We have wide-ranging and in-depth expertise in segmentation and new product development methodologies. Our commitment: to drive growth

The Fenrix approach


Contextualise the challenge

Our experts provide clients with a rigorous analysis of their financial situation and an evaluation of internal structures. Markets and competition are scrutinised and assessed.


Incorporate marketing methodologies

Our team has broad expertise gained with industry leaders worldwide and across markets. Combined with our innovative segmentation and new product development tools, our knowledge will help you make the right decision.


Engage with your clients

Our consultants have a resolutely customer centric approach. We engage with your clients, conducting research and analysis to generate profound and crucial customer insights.


Sales Performance

Our consultants have deep seated operational experience of increasing sales performance. We optimise deployment, provide coaching and implement sales tracking.


Work with all stakeholders

Our interest is to act in your best interest. Our objective is a constructive partnership to make your company even more successful.


Implement strategy

We provide the strategy performance tools and solutions to ensure competitive advantage, exceptional returns and growth.